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Don’t Get Bored at Demo Day (thedailymuse.com)
74 points by acav on Mar 26, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

These people are in for a surprise. This time every start-up has hard figures on their graphs. It doesn't make them any less impressive.

Hard figures make them look more honest, which is nice. Then you can actually trust them when one or two of the figures actually are impressive.

"What hasn’t? Graphs without labels on the Y axis." +1

Our pitch deck had a timeline slide where there was a horizontal line annotated with months. I jokingly suggested to our CEO/Designer that it should go up and to the right. He chuckled and asked "What should be on the Y axis?" We decided on "Awesomeness" with a scale from High to Higher. Got some good good laughs out of investors.

Looking over my YC! application I think I got 5 of these squares but thankfully, no bingo. ;) Still time to edit before submission. :)

I thought all YC start-ups were required to report on week-on-week growth!

You forgot to allow themuse.com as an acceptable word in PowerPoint's spell check.

Ha! Ok, fixing now - thanks :)


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