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US Tax reform is one of those things I don't expect to happen in my life time. Our government is too addicted to the income stream it provides and is just too scared to mess with it in any meaningful way.

All it takes is a fear monger with an agenda like Intuit to whisper "Our experts estimate that you will lose $X billion in uncollected taxes with this new scheme" to send congressmen from both parties running.

Ideally, we would see state governments take the lead here and innovate. If they can show meaningful gains then maybe the Federal government will pay attention.

If you read the article, it seems like there are at least several members of the legislative branch in favor of reforming the tax filing process to simplify things (and save taxpayers money).

The opposition comes from business interests whose revenue comes from helping taxpayers navigating a complex code and processing.

Are you suggesting he should actually read the article? Such nonsense.

Tax reform generally means simplified tax code and which does not necessarily result in less revenue.

But there is a huge industry built around servicing the complex tax code, many of whom wont be needed if the tax code is simplified. Just like any other industry disrupted by changing business environment, they will fight to the death to keep their industry alive and necessary.

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