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I'll try to post more o. The following when I am not posting from my phone:

When I started martial arts (Bujinkan) when I was 15, I got really into meditation and looking for what higher level of consciousness I could attain. I was really into energy work - and it was something that I sought diligently at the time.

There is a state we refer to as "The Mode" where one is in touch with their energetic being and all sorts of things happen.

I'll post more on The Mode later...

At this time I was meditating every day fora out two hours per day, as I went to bed.

I had injured myself in a workout where I had pulled some muscles in my abdomen, and I had to hunch over, could not stand fully erect, and had to move very slowly.

So I lay down and was determined to heal myself.

I meditated and focused on my breathing bringing the needed energy to my damaged stomach muscles.

I focused on the phrase "I am healing now" in my head and let that idea waft over me.

As I lay there, my body suddenly, involuntarily took a sharp deep death in and my back arched up. My stomach had a strong tingling sensation. Like that of when your muscles fall asleep but the reverse - meaning it was not of nerves being numb, but of nerves being filled with energy.

I let the breath out and I could tell my stomach muscles were spontaneously and completely healed.

I got up and checked myself and I was in perfect condition.

This was the only time this has ever happened to me, though I have tried to repeat it at times.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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