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Demographics shed light on the programmer personality (datanami.com)
4 points by ChuckMcM 1671 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

What insight does this article provide other than making sweeping over-generalizations and making statements based on unfair stereotypes?

As far as I'm concerned, the best 'nugget' in the article was towards the end, regarding how developers have a genuine passion for their craft, irrespective of monetary concerns. And that they would not change their careers even for a substantial increase in salary.

To me, this counts as an indication that there is something genuinely interesting and comfortable about computer programming (and the logical essence of the activity), perhaps something that is well compatible with human nature.

Especially within the recent context of how the materialistic hysterias – birthed by consumerist systems of ideas – have created so many issues in our economies & societies, I hope this study draws more people towards the "logical side" (where we have cookies).

This was what struck me too, sort of like explaining to non-programmers that the motivations here aren't necessarily fame and fortune. Its obvious to me as an engineer that this is true but it is also clearly not obvious to some folks who try to market to me. (or recruit me for that matter)

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