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> Yammer has nested conversations, search, inline images and likes. It is also our company directory. And they have a mobile app.

Minus the likes, that's email.

To clarify, the author is listing features that differentiate Yammer from twitter, which it started out as being most similar to (but a private, company / organization internal usage version of).

Unlike email, Yammer or other twitter-like platforms are ambient, one-to-many without demanding each person's attention, and length-limited. It's easy to put a message out without being interruptive, and get attention to it / responses from whoever's available. I find it pretty valuable.

Yeah, and just like Eric Schmidt said, Twitter is just a poor man's email. http://www.dvice.com/archives/2009/03/google-sounds-s.php

Boy, was he right. Not out of touch in the least.

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