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Fight Code - Code your robot with JavaScript and fight (fightcodegame.com)
55 points by edwinjm on March 22, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

Wow. What are the odds! I just presented a game based on the exact same premise a couple of nights ago at a backbone.js meetup in SF. I wonder if the author of this one saw me...


Here's the video I posted on youtube about it a few weeks ago: http://youtu.be/SZAOvn0EQxQ?t=4m26s

Game is here: http://logicmason.com/Roboduel/

Code here: http://github.com/logicmason/Roboduel

Fight Code is very much like my Robo Duel game, but much more polished and it looks the robots in it are programmed in JS, whereas I wrote a domain specific language (along with an interpreter) for mine.

Great job, guys. It's awesome to see a game like this. In fact I've wanted a game like this for years!

But it's hard not to wish it had come out a few weeks later after I graduated from Hack Reactor and had a chance to use my game to boost my job interviewing process!

I hope you don't let this stop you from making your game anyway. Even though Fight Code may have beaten you to it, your game would still be impressive to potential employers.

I love this stuff. Programmers at my office had a Robocode melee competition that ran every week for a month. Grand prize was an extra vacation day. It was so much fun I started working on a JS version thinking it would be a good learning tool for JavaScript. I dropped the idea about a year ago but now I want to pick that back up again. Here's an example view of where I left off. The battling javascript even had a function for taunting and responding to hits. http://www.jellyrobotics.com/2013/01/16/code-wars/

This. Is. Awesome. I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

Very cool. Reminds me a bit of RoboCode that was created a while back from IBM DeveloperWorks (http://robocode.sourceforge.net/). This should be a fun way to practive JS.

Reminds? From a cursory glance this IS RoboCode, just using JS instead.

In my first year CPSC classes I had an awesome prof who made learning fun. Rather than program boring text based games like tic-tac-toe we instead learned Java with projects such as RoboCode && Env3d (http://env3d.org/beta/showcase).

Great to see RoboCode for JS now too!

Looks like it's not exactly the same, e.g. robocode had a separate scanner and turret, while fightcode has the cannon act as the scanner.

It's really cool, I just would appreciate an alternative to github to login.

Heck, this was my favorite game on the Apple IIe as a kid -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RobotWar. Glad to see it in-browser again!

As a programmer I think this is very cool. As a game guy, the field of play is too large given the size of the robot graphics. Make the tanks bigger and you have something much more suspenseful.

This is fantastic. It's super easy to use and understand (for a developer anyway). The only thing I could ask for is autocomplete so I wouldn't have to look at the API.

Nice. Watching a couple of the fights unfold makes me see a perimeter strategy is very effective against a tank in the middle.

That was fun! I wonder if it's just me, but I could never tell who the winner was after a fight?

And found new addiction

beat me to it: www.codeduel.com

I am making the FPS version though.

Nice job!

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