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colin_jack on Mar 21, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite

I really don't understand why these articles keep being removed from the front page. It's quite obvious people want to talk about this.

Why was the link deleted? Quit the censorship.

A simple apology was all that was required. It seriously would have been that simple.

I understand that this is a sensitive matter, but it does effect the tech community at large in a big way. If these discussions are being manually killed by mods, I urge you to reconsider and let these discussions play out.

The HN mods have been deleting all stories about this pretty much as soon as they bubble up. Given the pretty far out stuff being said on that Facebook post, I'm not sure I totally can blame them...

Why does this story keep getting killed on HN?

Anyways, this is a huge clusterfk and a stupid comment and an offhand tweet has cost two people their jobs and stirred up a hornet nest nest of vitriol.

From the fb comments:

> "This is just sad. Two people have lost their jobs over a penis joke."

It seems incredibly odd that a company would announce a public firing of their employees -- yet alone put it on their public Facebook group page, a page that should be focused on selling their product.

This makes no sense to me as I don't think anybody should have been fired here, regardless of where you stand on the argument at hand.

Before this one gets deleted: Can someone tell us why all of these threads are getting killed?

The bad tweet is now the equivalent of a broadcaster saying "fuck" on the air of your local news station, except the tweet can happen at any time.

Shame to see people being fired over bad tweets. Technology can be used for both good and bad.

? who keeps removing a post a lot of people are obviously interested in discussing?

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