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The reason this is so impressive is that it brings together three technologies that people aren't used to even seeing one good implementation of yet:

  * HTML5 accelerometer support  
  * Sync between mobile/desktop using websockets  
  * Web page slicing based (by the look of it) on DOM and image processing
…and of course this is in a nice responsive WebGL-rendered package, which people are getting more used to thanks to the http://www.chromeexperiments.com/ project.

The reason I am impressed is the game is playable even though the control loop runs through a telephone company, Google's servers in god-knows-where, and back to my PC.

Well, good is bit of a stretch. On first try I got disconnected during loading the level. On the second the level loaded but accelerometer does not work, only the buttons do. Also the screen on the phone (Galaxy Nexus) is upside down.

It also uses

* Battery

Lot's of it on my iPhone. But it's worth it :-)

You know, that one also has yet to be seen with a good implementation.

You made me chuckle. Thanks for that :)

I had done some experiments like this 2 years ago with a Company I started called Emotely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE8-TntjYB4

This has since been acquired by Brass Monkey: http://playbrassmonkey.com/

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