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The outcome I'd want to see is for both companies and Adria Richards to apologize.

I would want him to be offered his job back (but I hope he gets better offers and I wouldn't be shocked if he hasn't already. I would certainly call him up for an interview).

If public humiliation is the new modus operandi, then it seems it is a double edged sword. I think her reputation is forever tarnished.

Maybe she had good intentions (but the more I look at the situation, and her penis reference later, less likely it seems) but her execution and decision making cost a father of 3 kids to lose his job, and his face is all over Twitter.

She was a no-name before this. I had never heard of her. Have you? Now she at the top of everyone's lips. She does talking engagements and advocacy. Well you connect the dots yourself.

My impression is that Adria Richards is not that kind of a person to apologize.

mine to, i also get the impression she is one to overreact and then justify her actions later.

Come on, she's a women... it is in her nature to overreact :-)

This, unlike the statements made by the two gentlemen at PyCon, is plainly sexism...

Well, to be honest, I hope that the fight for feminism hasn't gone so far as to mandate that "there are no psychological and behavioral differences between men and women at all" be taught as The One Truth.

You have to appreciate the irony of punishing my sexist joke in this specific thread.

(I do anyway)

Its not irony because the incident discussed here isn't sexism, its attention whoring. What you said was blatant.

Agreed, I flagged it.

This remark is unacceptable and harmful

This isn't reddit.

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