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Did she? I just read the entire post, and I disagree.


It certainly exists within the context of gender issues at a tech conference, but she didn't even go so far as to label the jokes sexist -- just something that would make some women uncomfortable. (Which is obviously true, given her response!)

Yes, she did- "this wasn't the first time that day I had to address this issue around harassment and gender."

She clearly states in her blog she felt it involved "harassment and gender", which is often referred to as sexism.

She also projects her own fantasy onto a little girl, apropos of nothing, already proclaiming the girls career in tech dead in the water.

She did the right thing by notifying conference staff and letting them handle it. She did the wrong thing by naming and shaming on twitter. The blog post reads like a mix of real event and revisionism to stem angry internetters.

Still, it's a storm in a teacup - who's to say the same guy wasn't on the verge of being let go for other reasons anyway? It's presumptuous to assuming his firing was solely because of this single event.

I think there are tougher but better ways to deal with the issue (like facing the two men) than to hide behind your twitter followers.

She "hid" by directly notifying the conference organizers through twitter. You can make the claim that it shouldn't have been done in public; you can't exactly also argue that she was hiding.

She was hiding in real life, while being a "badass" on the internet. I think I'm going to open a bait shop myself, and call it "Big Dongles."

So, people that are uncomfortable with direct confrontation are only allowed to 'sit down and shut up?'

No. Instead of posting someone's photo (and other's along with that) on the web confront them. If they do not apologize or shut up in shame, move to authorities. Authorities at Pycon did help her, didn't they?

  | Instead of posting someone's photo (and other's
  | along with that) on the web confront them
Your plan of action for someone "uncomfortable with direct confrontation" is to "confront them." Logic!

[ She should have just gone to (or messaged) the PyCon staff first to resolve the situation. ]

She turned around, smiled and took their photograph. She can do that and not confront them about the lewd remarks?

Though, I understand that it is tough for women to confront in a massively male-dominated arena. I think this fiasco is likely to at least have men straighten their ways that they cannot make sex jokes in a public place.

  | She can do that and not confront them about
  | the lewd remarks?
As someone that doesn't like to be confrontational, this makes sense to me. Verbally confronting them means engaging them in conversation. Taking their photo and smiling at them is a bit more passive.

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