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Ask HN: Team training for writing better tests for code
1 point by klenwell on Mar 20, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite
I'm trying to find recommendations for companies that do in-house training for writing code tests. Manager has budgeted a couple day's in-house training for this year. Team (6 developers) decided we'd like to get some more formal training on testing code. Our code is primarily written in Python and Rails. We already write a lot of unit and functional tests for our code and run continuous integration with Jenkins, but we'd like to establish some best practices.

I'm looking for credible advice or testimonials (or horror stories) from developers who have had experience with this. I've googled the topic but just get a lot of noise. We've also talked to a couple companies we pulled off the top of Google, but neither gave us a real warm, fuzzy feeling.

Some areas we'd like to focus on:

- Unit testing

- UI testing (e.g. using Selenium)

- Working with product owners to develop better integration and user acceptance testing

If you have a specific recommendations, you can also email me at my-username at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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