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Quote for historical purposes:

An apology to open source

At midnight on the 18th March 2013 I posted Chart.js online. On the morning of the 19th March, I've had to take it down due to IP concerns with my current employer.

It had been my final year university project I had been working on for a couple of months. I had intended it to be an open source project for the web design and development community.

Since posting it online, I've been completely overwhelmed and hugely grateful for all the support and kind words.

Sadly though, due to concerns from my employer regarding intellectual property and similarities in projects I've worked on, I've been asked to take down the site. My job and livelihood have to be my primary concern. With this in mind, I have closed down the site, and removed my master branch from Github.

I'd like to personally apologise for taking this away, I'm just as disappointed as you.


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