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The #1 thing the Firefox DevTools group should be doing is integrating Firebug into Firefox. Right now they have the same team maintaining two codebases. That seems like a significant waste of time.

I kind of disagree, I would rather see Firefox DevTools not be Firebug. Firebug is not that great (compared to Chrome's debug tools) due to its UI. It looks like Firefox DevTools is at least going for a much better UI, so being constrained by Firebug would be a loss.

I still prefer Firebug, instead of Chrome dev tools. What are the reasons which make you think, it is not great?


-is slower

-has more glitches (things doing plain weird or not working sometimes)

-requires "activation" of each panel and reloading of the page

-sometimes suddenly opens for no reason when you visit a webpage without the intention to debug it

-is impossible to use if you want to debug a project with hundreds of js files (e.g. uncompiled JS of a large project) because it has a bad type of dropdown for selecting the JS file

-generally just requires more clicks and more frustration to get things done

The one in Chrome:

-is faster

-has a better console (easier to type commands, inspect variables, etc...)

-works immediately as soon as you open it (no "this panel was inactive during page load")

-has more features

Note that I was talking about Firebug here. Firefox also has its own dev tools, at least an "Inspect Element", with even a 3D view of a page allowing to see divs outside of it and so on, and that one is awesome!

I'm curious from your side (maybe also to learn a thing or two about Firebug): How would you compare it to Chrome? What features make Firebug stand out?


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This is unfortunately true, and that's why it's exciting to see Mozilla do something about it. As it stands right now, Chrome is the better tool, and if you prefer Firebug to it chances are you haven't tried Chrome for long enough.

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