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whichdan 397 days ago | link | parent

Like sergiotapia, I'm very close to switching back to FireFox /because/ of the Awesomebar. However, for me, it's because it matches my search history better. Let's say I'm working on a page call /editor/?id=1234, in FireFox, typing 1234 will show that page as the first match, whereas Chrome doesn't even match it unless I start typing /editor/, and sometimes even the root domain. It's very frustrating.

epmatsw 397 days ago | link

HackerNews is the best example for me. In firefox, I can type in y, and it will know that I want news.ycombinator.com. In Chrome, the only way to have it autocomplete (at least the last time I tried it) was to start with n.


cromwellian 397 days ago | link

I always visit by going to hackerne.ws, so I hit H in Chrome.


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