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I've personally internalized the downdown for going to things I've gone to before.

However, I do brand new searches constantly. Often 20+ a day, that often look similar to older searches, but aren't quite.

Now, whether I've developed that behavior because of Chrome, or because it works well for me, is a question for itself.

Also, since I'm here- anyone get frequent fuckups lately in the Chrome omnibar, not searching what you put in, to instead search something you HAVE searched before?

For example, before, I've searched "javascript array"

But this time, I am wanting to search "javascript string concatenation". I type that into Chrome, hit enter...

...up pops the search results for "javascript array". It started about a month ago, and is really annoying.

> It started about a month ago, and is really annoying.

Yes, I have been encountering the same behavior. It is infuriating because it's impossible to tell when this is going to happen. This is separate from pulling up different searches I've used before, this bug seems to be something like "ignore what you type completely".

(this is on a Mac)

In Firefox, the hotkey "cmd-K" will put focus into the search bar at the top.

In Chrome they don't have a keybind set to this by default (though on Windows they seem to). But if you open mac System Preferences, go to Keyboard, then Keyboard Shortcuts, and add an Application Shortcut for Chrome, you set the menu item name to "Search the Web..." and the keybind to whatever you want (I used "cmd-K").

So that way regardless if I'm in Firefox or chrome, pressing cmd-K will put me in a place I can search.

also, cmd-l (go to the awesomebar) and start with a ? to always search.

you can also have different engines

will search your default engine for cat

i have one for ddg so

    ddg cat
searches duck duck go for cat etc. its fantastic

I've been encountering this, I thought I was just losing my small collection of marbles!

I have a new dev laptop in the mail, perhaps Firefox will get installed before chrome...

Is it associated with Google Instant failing?

I've noticed frequently Google Instant will fail half way through searching, and it will ignore everything I typed and just go with what Instant guessed before it crapped out.

If Instant is prioritizing your previous search, it may be linked.

This definitely could be what it is.

All the time. I'm not sure how to not activate auto-completion sometimes.

But this isn't auto-completion, this is just plain ignoring what I typed.

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