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How many devs actually use Firefox's dev tools? I see all of that praise "looks awesome, looks amazing, etc" But do people really use those amazing things? I just find the Chrome dev tools orders of magnitude more usable than Firefox's. It's mostly a large amount of what you could call details but it makes all the difference. It all flows better, reduces the amount of thinking you have to do as well as the number of clicks and keypresses. I think Mozilla should start by fixing all of these little problems before jumping into huge stuff like they seem to like to do with the cli, python library etc.

We do both at the same times: adding tools and improving existing ones.

why I am getting downvoted? because I'm not agreeing with the flock? I provided constructive feedback

I'm not sure. On topic, could you enumerate some of the specific areas where the Chrome tools "flow" better? I've pretty exclusively been a Fx dev. tool user for the past few months, so I'm personally not sure how things are on that side these days.

Your feedback want constructive, it was vague and lacked any specific details mozilla could use to improve.

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