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I've recently changed back over to Mozilla, this just proves that it was the correct decision.

I'm not quite sure if a mockup proves anything, unless you mean the part about them asking the community.

I think it is proof of quite a few things.

It proves that they are developing functionality that I've been looking for and some I didn't even know I wanted.

It is evidence that they want to be a great tool for developers and that they recognize their tool needs work.

It proves that I made the right decision (completely subjective which is the nature of a comment like the one I made) in moving away from Google for a more user centered and open-source browser.

And yes it proves that they listen to their users.

All of that is assuming they weren't lying or creating fake mockups (which I feel is a safe bet). Sure that's not a lot of proof for a scientific theory, but for a decision on which browser I want to use and which company I want to support I think it's proof enough :-)

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