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The right-hand-side docking looks absolutely amazing (http://i.imgur.com/duQOXq7.png).

I have another bit of feedback. The web console has three positions available: Above, Below, and Window. With Firebug, I like to have the console open in another monitor and give the browser viewport maximum screen real estate in front of me. Firefox's web console doesn't let me do this because in "Window" mode it doesn't quite act the same as a fully-fledged window. For example, I can't maximise it and it doesn't have the full complement of normal controls in its window bar. http://i.imgur.com/V7eWC1m.png

FYI, right side docking is available in Chrome. I had no idea for a very long time.

Thanks... just realized that thanks to you.. have to long-click on the dock/window icon to switch modes to side/bottom dock. Not quite intuitive, but wouldn't have tried if not for your comment.

Fixed in Firefox 21.

My apologies, I remember in the original post you asked us to hold off on providing feedback unless the issues were present in recent Firefox versions. On the plus side, this motivated me to switch to Firefox Aurora just now and I must say, I'm extremely impressed!

I've been using Aurora for the past few weeks, and really enjoy it quite a bit. I'd been using Chrome for the past few years, but the recent shenanigans by Google was enough to motivate me to take a few more steps away...

I've been using Aurora for the past year or so, and haven't look back much. Occasionally I'll switch back to Chrome, but that's only when something in Aurora or nightly is broken.

While right-side docking is great, especially for widescreen monitors, separate window for devtools would be much better improvement. In this case anyone can 'dock' them any way they like it. More important, you can have dev tools on one screen and page view on another.

> separate window for devtools would be much better improvement

Fixed in Firefox 20

Cannot agree enough with this.

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