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Meteor.sh - simply deploy meteor apps to your own server (github.com/netmute)
36 points by netmute on Mar 18, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

There's also Meteorite (http://oortcloud.github.com/meteorite/), which does a bit more by offering more Smart Packages via Atmosphere (https://atmosphere.meteor.com/).

I found this in the .sh file: export SSH_HOST=root@$APP_HOST

So it seems to try to log into root@your.server. Which seems like a terrible idea.

Also it uses a lot of apt-get, so I guess you are limited to linux.

Also assumes users and groups `www-data'. This is basically a script tailored to the author's server, but not something anybody should seriously consider using on their own server. It would be much better provided by a HOWTO-style post showing the commands the author used.

Hi, author here. You might want to look at the README provided with the project.

Yes, you are limited to Ubuntu. And yes, the script expects to SSH as root to your server.

As to why it expects that: Doing server provisioning as non-root user does nothing but increase provisioning-complexity.

Deploying as root, on the other hand, is just me being lazy. You're free to fork and send me a pull-request which changes that ;)

As someone that has very little experience with databases and Node in general, I really like this. I've always wanted to play around with meteor.

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