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Interesting. Many people (including me) will choose the Steam version of a game if its available, to get all the niceties of auto-updating, easy reinstalls, a central list of games & achievements, and so on. Shows the difference implementation can make.

OS X has awesome updates, though. Almost every single OS X app uses Sparkle [0] to check for updates on startup. I feel bad giving the credit to OS X, but Windows has no such prevalent counterpart.

0: http://sparkle.andymatuschak.org/

It's funny too since I actually find Sparkle updates far less intrusive than App Store updates (I'm tired of logging in and out of iTunes over and over and over again).

Why do you log into and out of iTunes? That makes no sense to me.

Having old apps on a different iTunes account than everything else can force this.

Why would you feel bad about it?

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