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How many users are still using 10.6? Couldn't the description be updated with a note specifying the temporary issue with 10.6? Seems like that would be a lot simpler than taking it down...

Anybody with a single core intel machine (there's two of them in my house right now, an old Mac mini, and an old PowerBook that still works fine)

The Mac mini 1.5Ghz, a 7 year old model, is the only modern Mac with a single core Intel CPU. The PowerBook line had PowerPC microprocessors, and the MacBook Pro series never had single core CPUs. Apple did however release MacBook Pros with Core Duo CPUs -- OS X 10.7 requires at least Core 2 Duo. by 2007, all models had Core 2 Duo CPUs.

Both of my co-workers and my managers are still on 10.6 because of perceived concerns about 10.7, and the fact that our IT department wants to do a full reimage to upgrade to 10.7 or 10.8 rather than just running the upgrade.

I actually have more problems with 10.8 than I did with 10.7, so I understand some people's reluctance to upgrade.

3 out of 4 of the macs in my offices were on 10.6.8 until last week (now it's only 2).

Edit: I figured this is a pretty useless stat. Here's some better ones from the Unity Web Player installations, Q1, 2013


10.6 is just under 30% of the install base for these guys

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