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Instahood — geo Instagram (instahood.meteor.com)
57 points by azat_co on Mar 17, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 35 comments

Awesome, thanks everyone! I built it in about 3 days for a personal project @hackreactor (my first webapp from scratch) and had no idea it was on the front page of HN until just now! haha. Will totally work on cleaning up the interface a bit tonight, wasn't quite prepared for this to see thousands of eyes... haha. Thanks for the comments/suggestions, really appreciate it and totally welcome any more thoughts/bugs/feature requests.

Pull requests are very welcome and appreciated! https://github.com/michaelglenadams/Instahood

So what were your main reasons for using Meteor, and how did that compare with the experience?

Mostly because I had to get something up quickly for our project and Meteor is the best tool i'm familiar with to do rapid development.

This app was created Mike Adams, graduate of Hack Reactor dev bootcamp 12 week course in San Francisco, CA. http://www.quora.com/Web-Development/What-are-the-most-impre...

"My My Hack Reactor classmate Mike Adams' app Instahood is pretty cool. It shows recent Instagram photos from any location you choose. When you first open it, you see photos at your current location. Then you can look at pictures wherever else you want, either by clicking somewhere on the map or by searching for a place (with auto-complete!)

He used Meteor (web framework), the Google Maps API, and the Instagram API."

Disclaimer: HackReactor is not a dev bootcamp. It's intensive 12 week in-person course which covers JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, D3, Meteor.js and other technologies and takes students from 0 to employment: http://hackreactor.com

I'm actually not a graduate yet.. :) Just a bit over half way through... Thanks for posting Azat!

Mike's classmate here. It was a pretty awesome presentation he gave on Friday and it was great seeing how quickly everyone's work came together during out personal projects sprint.

Some of us worked on meteor, one did a meteor package, several worked on node, one or two were on rails, mine was coffee and backbone on parse. I love being at Hack Reactor! Building cooler and cooler stuff every week is downright addictive.

If anybody's coming to the next Meteor devshop event, come by and say hi!


We made this a few years ago - it's a bit janky http://www.instabam.com, it's a bit of a experiment of trying to make the iPhone app into a web app.

If you want a free app to find Instagram pics nearby or on Google maps try Instabam https://itunes.apple.com/md/app/instabam!-explore-instagram/...

It was my first ever spare time app and was a lot of fun, it was doing quite well until Apple changed the App Store design, we lost 100 downloads a day instantly after that

The meteor-based app seems to be speedier ... maybe because of the way it's handling server-client data relationship better?

no it is not (faster).

Looking around my smallish hometown area, I'm wondering if social workers and/or police make use of tools like this. I'm not advocating either way, but there's lots of young people essentially publicly confessing to crimes (pictures of them vandalizing, screenshots of text messages about planning to steal clothes from the mall, and plenty of teenage angst). I feel a bit creepy for looking at their pictures, but also shocked they're so revealing to the public. How clear does instagram make it that your photos are public? Is it ignorance or apathy on the part of the teens?

I'm a student at the University of Michigan and I just used this in Ann Arbor. Students celebrated St. Patrick's Day today and Instahood did an amazing job collating everyone's pictures from the festivities.

I agree with jgh that the interface isn't the best, but that's something that can be fixed. The underlying concept of seeing everyone's Instagram pictures in your immediate vicinity is extremely appealing to me. Great work and I hope you keep refining this!

The interface is kinda hard to use. When I click on a picture and it expands it, how do I close the picture??

Also the "No pictures found" thing is kinda misleading since it just takes a few seconds for the pictures to load

edit: Sorry, I do think this is good...just got thrown off initially cause the interface is kinda clunky.

The page was just a black background with white text that said "No Photos" for about 60 seconds before it finally loaded the map/photos. As a regular user, I would not have given it that long to load (without any indication that it's even loading), and would have just left.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm looking into the delay issue, hopefully will push a fix soon.

Can anyone explain what this is? I see a mostly empty page with two vertical scroll bars and the texts "No Photos..." and "Click on the map or use the search". No map and no indication what I can search for.

You have to share your location, then it shows you Instagram photos taken in your area as little Instagram icons on the map, and the photos in a scroll view on the right.

Either share location or nobody takes instagram pictures near you. Go in US or Canada to see live feeds of hot chicks

Another photosharing website with a focus on geo-location sharing of photos is called Snapr

Check it out here: http://sna.pr/

They've also got a developers section with a focus on creating your own sites using their infrastructure. http://developers.sna.pr/

(I'm not affiliated with sna.pr in anyway except for sitting next to one of the developers from time to time in a co-working space)

This really is an interesting piece of software, i can see something like this being used for targeted ads; for example, I see allot of car pictures in my area meaning an ad company could only display car related ads if the user was from my area. This can also be used for stalking. Allot of people take pictures at home and you could be able to find their area by their username.

Doesn't work for me, it doesn't do anything even when I share the location. The search is unresponsive. I use Nightly 22.0a1, Windows 7 x64.

Instago does the same thing for iphone and has been out many months.


Yeah, but was it created by a novice programmer in 3 days?

That looks very cool! At Appvetica we've built a similar thing, we called it Instageo, and it's for iOS check it out: https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/instageo-discover-world-arou...

Great app :) We hacked something similar a few months ago at the Facebook hackathon. It's based on node.js. Feel free to fork. https://github.com/timurbazhirov/instaheat

Nice hack, but scary at the same time. People are still giving out pretty easy home location data without really thinking about their safety and privacy.

This is nice! Congrats!

Feature Request: Filtering via hashtags.

Very cool. It would be super sweet if you were polling the API for live updates.

Yeah, I'm wondering why this is on Meteor. Is it real-time?

What would be alternatives that come to your mind vs meteor?

Instahood doesn't seem to be real-time

It's on meteor, but not really leveraging any of the most powerful features of meteor. I also built it in node but it's not deployed. It is indeed not real-time yet, will get that plugged in soon. Thanks for the comments!

yes, it's meteor but you need to click on the map to update

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