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Plex client for the Raspberry Pi (engadget.com)
21 points by awold on Mar 15, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Hmm, so after trying this I'm not exactly impressed. The menu visibly lags and it just sits and... well, either does nothing or the screen goes blank when I try to play a relatively simple video. This is with a preexisting plex setup that works fine.

I'm running on an original B, but the site mentions nothing about the split - so maybe it only works on the 512mb models (I really wish they had changed the name, though the site says "A Raspberry Pi mini-computer" is required, and I doubt it works on the A, so they don't seem to be explicit any way).

This is still in Alpha, we are working on making the experience smoother.

Make sure you are running 0.1.27

As for the black screen, currently a known issue that seems to occur before caching is done.

As for compatibility, I firmly stand behind supporting all Raspberry Pis, though it probably works best with 512 atm

Also, I just ran a fully cached build of 0.1.27 and it works flawlessly on the 256MB pi.

Certainly interested in trying this, but FFS - give us an obvious image download link (there is one, but buried behind layers of "Buy this!" and "Run this script!").

I appreciate the (presumable) desire to make it easy for people to burn the image onto an SD card, but when I see this:

> Please re-run this script with root privileges, i.e. 'sudo ./getrasplex.py'

without any kind of explanation, or justification, just a "do this!" instruction, the answer is "NO".

In response to your comments, I have updated the download page, and will change the installer.


I'll look into clarifying this.

We have plans to have a single, GUI installer, but only have so much man power.

Again, still in Alpha. The project is only about 1 month old.

Obviously it is early days for the project. It is currently very laggy and playing even SD videos is temperamental, but the project has huge potential and I'm sure with this much interest things will improve quickly. I look forward to seeing how things progress. The team has my support. Thanks for doing this!

SD videos should be fine after caching is complete. See FAQ

I have a better solution for caching being cooked up but it's at least a few weeks away.

Thanks for putting this together. Running TVMOBILI on the rev. 2 pi after some head scratching not free and by no means perfect. I'm very interested in this project and will be watching carefully. I'm thinking to pair this with an SSD, clearly that would soak up much of the 'lag'.

Many Thanks for your good job. Still following you ! Please be fair to the Alpha version ! I use it every day in the bedroom. Quiet slow but working like a charme. Let's Plex :D

I'm happy that people like misnome are posting their opinions - criticism is good and productive. I'm happy to make changes, but can't do it if no one complains ;)

This is fantastic exposure. I am so excited to see this reach its first Final release. Please keep up the great work.

This is the RasPlex project, at http://rasplex.com/

Thanks for putting this together. The timing couldn't be better. Broke my ankle and this gives me something else to do while I'm laid up.


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