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What I have seen so far:

* 4 prominent attributions: SO attributions on his blog, the google code main page, CC license on the new production site, and in the code itself!!!

* apache open source license

Maybe he is not in full compliance yet, but this is one hell of a good start and demonstrates good faith.

I agree that the project is done in good faith and is a completely worthwhile project. See my original comment that started this thread.

I think the proper way of attribution would be a link (or message) in the footer or, at the very least, on the about page. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but if I need to search for the attribution by going to the developers blog or viewing the source code, I don't think that's enough.

This is beside the point, because I agree that the other forms /are/ attribution, but I don't consider the creative commons link a form of attribution at all.

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