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StackOverflow could never have served the China market like this project can.

i18n is a technical issue. It cannot solve the issue of "community". There needed to be a Chinese StackOverflow (not a language-translated UI for the same site), and now there is.

If your server isn't in China, it may as well not exist. You heard me right. If you want a regular user base interacting with your app in China, you must have a server in a data center in China. To run such a server in China, you must have an ICP (Internet Content Provider) license. These licenses can only be held by a Chinese national. If you are running a U.S. or EU based SaaS and do not understand this and do not partner with someone in China that can run your Chinese version of your service, you may eventually get copied. Its not about right or wrong. Its a matter of access for your users.

There is nothing devious about this Chinese "StackOverflow". Its clearly a copy and the writers open sourced it. I have seen devious. This isn't it.

Congrats again!!! This is a great step forward for the China programmer community.

...and congrats to StackOverflow for making something worth copying.

Can you elaborate on this? Is the necessity of having a Chinese server a speed one, a domain one, or general cultural awareness from being in the country?

So where is the source?


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