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Gates has never been personally affected by male baldness either (that I know of). I wonder if he'd make the comparison if he was one of the millions of sufferers of m.b. We need to find a cure, now.

Hey, fellow “sufferer” here. (And a young one: visibly started when I was 23/24, now I’m 25 and it’s totally obvious.)

No, we do not need to find a cure. Sure, it would be nice if there were one, but that surely ranks far below curing Malaria. Baldness is a minor inconvenience. It doesn’t kill people, it doesn’t make people sick, unproductive or reduces their lifespan.

Personal note: whiney bald people who act as if baldness were some sort of serious ailment are the worst.

(I’m not sure whether you are serious or just joking. I have read bald people write like you, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were serious.)

Currently a bald guy manage the company he has hundreds of million of shares of.

Hormone replacement therapy stops and in some cases reverses mpb. Maybe not the solution you were looking for, though.

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