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Pi Day (wikipedia.org)
118 points by jdstraughan on March 14, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 49 comments

Either you celebrate Pi Day or support ISO 8601 - you can't have it both ways !

You can have neither though. For much of the world, it's 14/3/2013 today.

Then Pi approximation day: 22/7

22/7 is actually closer to pi than 3.14.

113/355 is several orders of magnitude closer. To bad we don't have 355 months in the year.

I made a silly mistake, it's (obviously) 355/113.

I would support ISO 8601, but I'm not waiting for the year 3141!

And you certainly don't want to wait for the 59th month of that year.

Today is 2013-03-14 which is good enough for me :P

ISO 8601 all the way! I'd love to have a Pi day but it just isn't possible.

Then go for Pi approximation day: 22/7 = July 22.

except it will be 2013-07-22

Right, I was thinking prof_hobart's comment above.

Happy Half Tau Day!

You beat me to it. For those who don't know:


Happy Half Tau Day to you too http://halftauday.com/

That's shaken my very comprehension of the universe. Or rather, very much heightened my intuition of algebraic geometry. What on earth are we wasting our time with pi for!?

From the Pi manifesto[0]:

Unfortunately, the Tao Manifesto is full of selective bias in order to convince readers of the benefits of τ over π. They pinpoint formulas that contain 2π while ignoring other formulas that do not.

[0] http://www.thepimanifesto.com/

And a posthumous happy birthday to Mr. Albert Einstein.

Posthumous? Time is relative, after all.

Who would have been 134 today! Created a tribute to him - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5373903

Of course in two years it will be 3/14/15 in the US, that will be fun.

It's 3.14159 though, so ... shouldn't it be 3/15/16 that we're looking for?

That is a good point. It's always approximate, so 3/14/16 would be the closer approximation. Harder to explain though, like all those people in 2000 who thought they were in the 21st century :-)

<shameless plug>

If you happen to be in the St Louis area and like pie, my aunt is selling Pi day pies today. Fresh made and delivered.


I can attest to the deliciousness of her pies. ;)

</shameless plug>

A surd of Lisp? Found this yesterday:

Are There Things-in-Themselves


Dr. Paul Carus

Title: The Surd of Metaphysics 1903

without heirs to her fathers was gathered, Here at the auctioneer's

"things-in-themselves" will be sold.



The relation between the circumference and the diameter of the circle is quite definite and concrete, but if expressed of a numerical fraction its value can only be approximated, admitting of an infinite progress in accuracy. So the world is determinable and science is reliable in spite of the fact that her work can never be finished, and however much we progress and advance in the solution of life's problem, we can never reach the end. But this condition of things is not depressive to a healthy mind. On the contrary, it is an elevating idea that the source of knowledge will never run dry, and that the waters of life are inexhaustible.

-Paul Carus 110 years ago

(note: of Carus Mathematical Monographs, MAA)

I'm looking forward to Pi Day in 2015.

I want an i day!

Well, I'll just imagine one.

As an Australian and a mathematician I can't do Pi day, much as I'd like to.

Even if the date's not ISO 8601 it's still 03/14/2013? And how does the 159265359.... work 15:92:65 ?

I guess this is semi relevant http://www.xkcd.com/397/

Did you catch Jonathan Borwein's talk?

As good a day as any to watch http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0138704/

Slightly tangential, but MIT decisions come out today at 6:28 (2 pi!), and last year's results were at 3/14 1:59.

Looks as if MIT has accepted the Tau argument

Not really. They still come out on 3/14

Happy Pi Day!

I have a friend we nicknamed Pi. His "hobby" at school used to be memorizing the digits after the decimal point in Pi. I remember at some point in time he could recite a few thousand. Never got the point though.

You may enjoy this documentary: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-boy-with-the-incredible-b...

It is about a guy that can recite pi to incredible lengths. Very good documentary.

Just saw the movie. Amazing!

Rather irrelevant, but it also happens to be my birthday and "Steak & Blow Job" day.

Mathematical constants, great food and sexual pleasure, not to mention presents. I am truly blessed!

Anyone else in favor of merging pi day and natural log day?

Proposed to my now wife on Pi day. Had no idea it was Pi day when I was doing it. Made the day even better!

Pi Day will be much cooler in 2015. 3/14/15 FTW.

Happy me day!

same to me!

As a Brit, I'm confused.

No google doodle :(

Duck duck go has one up.


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