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Love this app, and it's wonderfully to finally have it on the iPad. I think they did some really smart things with the UI, for instance, being able to adjust the space used for comments/description, the navigation at the top of the card, etc. They really put a lot of thought into it.

However, two things that bothered me as a heavy Trello user:

1) I could not figure out how to move a card from one board to another. Just does not seem to be possible (yet)?

2) The drop-down in the upper right corner of a card is where I expected the close button to be, as it is for the web app. I keep tapping it over and over, expecting the card to close, but instead it shows a drop-down menu with one option: "archive"! This feels like a big UI mistake to me.

Other than that, a fantastic first release. I can't wait to walk around the office tomorrow with my iPad, tending to projects, instead of always popping open my laptop!

Developer here. Thanks! Moving cards between boards is coming in a later release; it's not yet possible. As for closing the card, if you're in landscape mode you can tap the faded out background -- bit of a larger hit target. We'll be making it less annoying to close cards in portrait mode soon too.

The iOS convention is to put close / back buttons on the upper left, primarily since most apps have new screens enter from the right. I guess that trumped the precedent set on the web.

I see what you are saying, but the cards as presented don't really reference the iOS UI. Maybe I'm just too used to the web app.

I'd argue they still do, it's just a modal view with a different animation, thus it makes sense to follow those conventions.

Also in the web app I tend to just click on the background to close a card.

Not sure if it's assumed, but you can move cards to a different board in the web app (just not yet in iPad app).

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