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All this development when a great web app already exists makes me sad. This just seems like development for development's sake. Rather than using that engineering effort to make one amazing product, complexity is increased, and bugs are fixed more slowly than if their attention was focussed toward the web app.

Wow, as an end user, I think you are so wrong.

I think multi-platform development is more important than it has ever been. Since these days the data lives in the cloud anyway, I want to pick up whichever of my various devices fits the situation and get the absolute best user experience that the company can design.

Web apps still don't (and still won't in 2023) provide the very best software user experience on any platform, even the desktop. Certainly not on mobile.

When choosing among competing cloud-based services, I always award bonus points in my evaluation to services with good iOS and Android native apps. Even though I don't currently use very many apps on Android, if there is a native app for it in addition to iOS, I feel more confident that the company behind the product gets it that users need native interfaces on the platforms they care about.

I think this is a key reason, perhaps not well-understood, why services like Evernote, Trello, and others are doing so well.

E.g. my wife uses Evernote all the time on Mac and iPad, but there is no way she would use the web interface on either one. She just wouldn't use Evernote.

She may not consciously think 'I prefer services with good native apps in addition to their web interfaces', but she does. (And I suspect so do many people.)

You should really try the Trello app on an iPad. I think you'll find that it's a fundamentally different experience than a web app could ever offer.

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