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I've been hacking around with node for years, and I still haven't touched meteor. So that's my disclaimer.

But I've read through the docs a few times, and the impression I always get at the end is that Meteor isn't embracing the same open DIY culture that made node spread like wildfire. There's a lot of magic in the platform, and while that has its strengths (Rails falls into this camp), it makes me feel like if I actually want to tread off the beaten path, I'm totally at the mercy of the Meteor devs. Yes, it's open source, but it doesn't feel very open. Last I checked, the module system was not only a learning curve (if you're used to node), but third-party modules felt like walking through the Vatican. Look, but don't touch.

Contrast with the node community, where although half of the things you'll find are broken, you probably have 5 choices for anything you might want to do. And all of them are at your fingertips; it's all just HTTP, TCP, and the same protocols everything already works with. Bring your own tools, or mix and match to make interesting new things. With meteor it feels like a lot of keep your hands off my voodoo, or else.

I actually think Meteor is really cool. It looks like they're doing a great job with what they set out to do. But when you get down and dirty like I like to do, it just doesn't feel hackable. And that's why I'm sticking to node.

I tried Django for one app (and never for a second one). There are so many assumptions built-in that if you build a real app and find out you need to handle a case that isn't well-supported by those assumptions, it's a painfully uphill battle. (In my experience, Django is also slow/heavy.) I know there are a lot of real apps built on Django, so maybe it's matured in the past few years, but I'd much rather use something like CherryPy or Flask that handles the common cases for me, but doesn't limit the directions my app can grow in.

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