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Meteor is just another framework for delivering thick client apps in js which cannot be part of the World-Wide Web, because it doesn't ship semantically described data at a stable URL which can be rendered and repurposed in unanticipated ways. Try

  curl http://demo.telesc.pe/
and you'll see a DOM with literally no content beyond "Loading...", completely broken unless you trust their code and want the only rendering it supports.

Note that you could make curl http://demo.telesc.pe/ work just fine with Meteor's Spiderable package, which is simply not installed for the Telescope demo.

Also, obviously the goal is that it should work properly without any package. Meteor is still young, give it time.

A quick search turned up http://spiderable.meteor.com/ and a couple of blog links, and none of those have any content either. This seems like an afterthought to the people behind Meteor, and I wouldn't describe them as having an obvious goal of avoiding damage to the Web.

My point was that the definition of the world-wide web should've been different from the start.

But then it wouldn't be the web, just a different concept with the same name. And a much poorer one, in my opinion.

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