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I'd like to see how more traditional websites (i.e., not web apps but more like company web sites) are being/could be transformed by meteor. I'd like an excuse to work with it at my company (a creative agency) but we don't build web apps and it seems like meteor.js would be overkill for such a thing (also, what is the state of CMS' built with meteor?)

The ability to provide a better, more 'slick' user experience, even if it's not an 'app' using fewer developer hours could be a pretty good excuse for a creative agency, especially as the average Internet user is growing more accustomed to the reactive elements in fb and twitter.

Afaik, some examples of creative agencies who have used Meteor to build sites for their clients:

- McMillan http://www.mcmillanagency.com/

- Q42 http://www.q42.nl/

Some production apps include:

- Gander.io

- JSpot

Not sure how real-time web applies when your content (company websites) does not require it.

The way it would transform it is if you could find a way to make it more like a web-app. A good way to think about pushing your site to keep fresh, but isn't necessarily a needed direction to go in.

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