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Nice "insider" design!

Since international shipping is $10.50, putting the cost per shirt at $23.50, but shipping for additional shirts is only $1, if there was enough interest I'd be happy to front a UK HNLondon Meetup group-buy, with all costs shared equally, and shirts to be distributed at the next event following their delivery.

Hi from Teespring! If you guys wanted to collect a few UK orders together we'd be happy to ship them for free on us!

We used to use a cheaper international shipping service, but things would get lost too often and we hated seeing people wait weeks for their tees. We recently upgraded to USPS Priority International.

There must be a myriad number of dye-sub printers in the UK that use AA shirts - wouldn't it be cheaper to simply commission them to print and deliver your shirts in UK and Europe with your [customers] branding?

Shipping simple tshirts piecemeal seems so terribly wasteful to me.

We looked into this and surprisingly it's cheaper to produce the t-shirts here in the US. Their isn't the same level of competition on blank garment suppliers and screen printers, so the costs are significantly higher. Coupled with the fact you don't capture the bulk discounts it actually ends up a little more expensive!

We'll continue to look into it though, perhaps when we reach a certain scale we'll be able to command better prices.

Thanks Teespring, that's very generous. I'll donate the equivalent amount to watsi.org; then everyone wins :-)

Not a bad idea, but be careful. You'll be liable to pay import VAT of 20% on an order over £15 in value and custom duties as well if the order is over £135 in value.

So take this into account if taking orders or money from people, you might end up with a 20% VAT bill when they get delivered that purchasers may decide they don't want to pay.

Good point, thanks Peter. Lets try this: £12 per shirt including VAT, duty, and any VAT administration charge the shipping co. adds. Any excess will be openly donated to watsi.org, and any shortfall I'll cover.

Email: iwantone@hntee.33m.co with color and size if you're in.

British people: Do this.

Many upvotes for this! Maybe you should [get someone to] send out a feeler on the Meetup group? I'd totally jump right in.

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