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I think the inside joke is kind of the point.

I agree. I like it. It's absent of words, which always adds a cheesy factor to clothes, in my opinion. and it's not an in-your-face look at me I'm a tourist t-shirt with a big HN on the front. That you would have to explain to your grandma. not cool. It's just a shirt with a simple "design", that no outsider would consider twice or bother to ask about. So you can wear it in public. I think it's very classily done.

I just wish I could see what the slate grey one looked like before ordering.

Thank you for the explanation. I was surprised to see the colored bars, rather than the [Y] icon which I'm so accustomed to seeing on the favorite icon, but that makes it slightly more appealing than it was before.

couldn't say it better!

Thanks for explaining. I did not know that only an inside joke is appropriate to the spirit of HN. OK.


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