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Ask PG: Comments are not working?
199 points by Osiris on Mar 12, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 39 comments
I'm getting a 404 when trying to open the comments links on all the articles on the front page.

pg typed something into the repl on the live server without testing it again.

Pffft, smoothest http->https transition ever.

This was due to HN thinking requests were coming over SSL when they weren't. When it set the secure flag, your session wasn't sent over HTTP.

Is anyone else seeing a mixed mode warning? I'm seeing a large number of warnings about of them on http://ycombinator.com/images/grayarrow.gif

Is anyone else having styling issues?

Looks like a CSS link,

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://ycombinator.com/news.css">
is using http rather than https from an https page.

Chrome (25.0.1364.152 m) refuses[1] to retrieve; FF 19.0.2 does retrieve; IE 8 warns of insecure content.

[1] Chrome can be told to load anyway at the end of its URL entry box.

Good to know i'm not the only person fucking things up like this.

Protip: Specify urls as "//example.com/path/to/style.css" or such. They will default to whatever protocol (http/https) was used to fetch the parent page. It's also less typing (DRY!).

Unless you're loading from a file (using file://)

I'm curious about when you would ever do this on a public-facing webpage.

Yes, font changed, links are now blue underlined. Happened about two minutes ago.

It's because HN is on https but the css file isn't. If you're on chrome you can click the shield icon to manually load it (not sure about other browsers).

yeah. I am getting 'insecure content' warnings, and styling is not loading properly.

hn has always had styling issues for me. I've always just attributed them to something mysterious in the thick jungle of my current linux install... It is particularly nasty right now though.

It's not all that mysterious - their CSS is just pretty bad for Linux users. For example, they specify Verdana with no fallbacks (not even sans-serif) so we get a nice unreadable (at their font size) serif font. :(

Oh no! A font tag must be misplaced!

Remember those days? CSS is for the birds.

me too. I have to confirm with my browser about secure content before getting the stylesheet to work

yeah just happened a minute ago

For me, they seem to work with https but not http.

Same here. Thanks for making this comment! I was able to spot it from viewing all the HN comments. But I couldn't view the comments for this submission by clicking it. :)

Same for me, but HTTPS seems to be much slower to load for some reason

I can confirm that https solves it.

> Comments are not working?

I'm... Ron Burgundy?

Not only do comments fail to work, you can't even login under http. https works fine though

It's fixed.

This also applies to attempting to login for me. When logging in, I am redirected to the front page instead of being prompted to re-enter credentials and a "bad login" alert.

This is also fixed with https

wow, the new css is awesome!

seems to be working again now normally.

... are you the same Josh Who provides high quality torrents of a particular thing?

It looks like /reply works but /item doesn't. I can't see other comments but I can make one myself.

And now we wait for the post-mortem. I imagine it would have to do with some apache/nginx setting?

I'm going to make a wild guess that it's a bad 74LS00 NAND gate.

PG runs HN on his calculator? Makes sense.

Naw, this https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5229488

A good calculator (like an HP41) is hard to come by.

This is a 24/7 production issue need to be dealt right away. Anyone knows PG's beeper? :)

8:43pm CDT - They are working now without HTTPS.

Why no HSTS?

http is not working for me either even for login. I just switched to https.

This comment.

Proof by counter-example.

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