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We are revamping Crocodoc's API and want you to help us build it
on Mar 11, 2013 | hide
Crocodoc just launched a preview of the technology we will be using to power the newest version of our API. Documents are converted to downloadable HTML in ways that will enable the implementation of awesome integrations. Check out some of the demos we have in our preview: preview.crocodoc.com

So here's the challenge: over the next few weeks, we want to build an API that will match the awesomeness of the technology we've implemented. We want our API to be fun to use and capable of handling tens of millions of document conversions a month.

So who do we need to help us get the job done?

1. Sales engineers - boots on the ground to let us know what people want and to help us engage the developer community

2. JavaScript engineers - help us open source the demos we build and design our client-side libraries

3. DevOps engineers - help us build the infrastructure we use to convert millions of documents each month

This is the team that you'll be joining: crocodoc.com/about

Get in touch. We want to hear from you.

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