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Congrats! So Stripe is acquiring Kickoff, and I saw from this tweet https://twitter.com/bdc/status/311134449293201408 that Kickoff will still be developed?

Will the current Kickoff team be developing it on nights/weekends? Or is Stripe taking over the product and developing it together?

Yeah, Michael and Ben will still be maintaining Kickoff. There's some precedent here: before Saikat and Sheena joined Stripe about two years ago, they'd previously been working on Mockingbird (http://gomockingbird.com). Since then, they've kept the business up and running (on Stripe!). Given both that precedent and how much work Michael and Ben have put into Kickoff, we felt it made sense for them to keep it alive.

I'm sorry but last time I checked, Mockingbird development is all but stalled since the founders got hired by Stripe. Which is a shame, given how a great product it was.

Since you're probably gonna see them around, please ask them: why don't they just hire an employee to do actual work for Mockingbird? Thanks!

Small roundup here, with Twitter Q&A with pc:


(self link)

We will maintain it on nights/weekends after the official launch!


I thought @tba was working on Kickoff, he's not joining Stripe?

Yes, I've been working on Kickoff for the last year or so, and no, I'm not joining the Stripe team. ;)

Idea: Open-source Kickoff :)

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