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I'm sticking with firefox for most of the same reasons as the author notes, but I do wish the mozilla team used some common sense when they think of new features.

A good example of the lack of common sense (imho) is the addon bar. Why do I want an extra bar with 2 or 3 icons? Most people will probably remember the status bar in browsers and they ditched that because it was not needed and you lost valuable screen estate. What was the best solution mozilla could come up with to handle the extension icons? An extra bar in the bottom of your browser. Just implement an omnibar already and put those things there...

If anyone from mozilla is reading this: you've done a great (GREAT!) job at making firefox faster and use less memory, and if you're ever in the neighbourhood I'll buy you a beer. Now please also start thinking about those little things that just don't make any sense.

It might not be useful for you, but I for one find the "addon bar" really great. I've about 10 addons installed and configured most of them to be at the bottom, all in a single place. You can toggle it with "CTRL + /" at anytime, which pleases both parties.

I'm using a non-us keyboard layout and unfortunately that doesn't work...

It's probably accessible somehow. For example, on my Serbian keyboard it's AltGr+Shift+Q

It works on my German keyboard layout (Ctrl + Shift + 7, that is).

If you customize toolsbars (on Mac, View > Toolbars > Customize..., similar on Linux and, I assume, Windows) you can move all (most?) of those icons to the addressbar. I think this is going to be the new default in the upcoming new Firefox theme (see <https://people.mozilla.com/~bwinton/australis/customization/...).

I for one miss the status bar (I don't like "hover url display", attract my eyes) and have the addon bar to control adblock+ and ghostery.

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