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Building something cool on your own? I want to interview you (webuildatnight.com)
191 points by rodriguezcommaj on March 11, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 39 comments

Might want to bump the contrast up a bit. A tad difficult to read any of the text. Best of luck with the project.

100% agree. Obligatory http://contrastrebellion.com/

Yeah, cool idea and I get the whole 'night' vibe, but I stopped reading a sentence or two in because reading it was such a pita.

Yeah, definitely change the grey on grey text.

I'm really diggin the cyan and purple/overall aesthetic though.

I agree. I think there's some kind of Pavlovian thing going on here because I have cyan and purple syntax highlighting for the "funnest" elements of my code.

I cannot agree more strongly. MrAlmostWrong was being nice actually - the website is nigh unreadable at the current contrast. This is something that should be fixed now.

Reminds me of Heroku's homepage.

Noted. I have been thinking about that a lot, actually. Just wanted to get something out there quick to get some feedback and start soliciting people for interviews. I have a few ideas for the actual launch (which should be in a few weeks) that will probably include a lighter theme to make reading a lot better. Thanks for the input!

That change is not something you should be putting off for a few weeks. You're on HN right now, you've got a little buzz and some traffic, and changing the existing site to have lighter text would take less time than writing any of the comments you've made in this thread.

For reference, here's a photo of your site on my monitor: http://imgur.com/t1E8RCA

On the right it's not a flash but a reflection from a window.

+1 for the contrast. I'm on the CalTrain and I can barely read any thing without holding my hand up to block the sun.

After I seeing the page I was sure a comment like this would be on top. Maybe there should be a service for evaluating if the contrast on a website is enough to avoid every other "Show HN" discussion here turning into a thread about contrast issues.

As for this color scheme, it probably is easier to read in the night :)

I think unreadable websites entirely deserve not having their content discussed.

This particular one isn't such a bad case, though.

Agreed. The site looks great, and you do the whole "dark background" thing well. However, it just wont cut it to display any sort of textual content.

yeah I saw the page in one of my tabs, and said "waht is this crap?" and closed it only to find out in another tab that this page linked to that hideous site.

Your subscription form rejects my perfectly valid email address with "This email address looks fake or invalid. Please enter a real email address." Just FYI.

Not to hijack this thread, but since so many appear wanting to be interviewed, if any of you work on the graphics side (designer, animator, modeller, ...) let me know, TideArt.com could use some more interviews.

I like to work on things at night because that is when all the people who normally distract me are asleep.

I agree. I can also concentrate and focus better at night. There is also the sense of urgency that you want to finish what you are working on for you to be able to sleep.

Very nice brand/domain and style. I also like the idea and I thought about doing this many times but I didn't because there was just too much similar stuff on the net.

However, the brand would suit well nightly hackathons.

what does "on your own" mean..? something I just want to putz around with, or does something that I'm hoping to start a company around qualify?

It basically means something that currently isn't your full-time gig (although I suppose someone could be independently wealthy and working on their own project full-time). I want to talk to people that are taking their free time and using it to build projects and be productive. The people that are scratching an itch and can't be stopped from building things. It would be amazing if some of these projects end up turning into companies and full-time jobs, but that doesn't necessarily have to be the end goal. I just want to interview people that are passionate about what they are doing and can't help doing it with the time they have.

Interesting idea. I like. Have subscribed and submitted my project as well. Oh and please please please change the website colours... I couldn't read anything without selecting all the text.

Are you only interested in projects with a single contributor, or are you open to something made by 3 people but as a side project?

Teams are more than welcome to email. The idea is more to celebrate the idea of working on something you love independently, showcase passion projects and things you can't stop yourself from building in your free time. If you've found people to work with you, all the better. Shoot me an email and let's chat.

Wow, this is pretty cool. Bookmarked, and I will drop a line once our web app launches (within a month or so)

I think i may do the same. (also within a month, hopefully of course)

Please bookmark! If you are working on some cool stuff, shoot me an email, now or when you launch.

Are you just building a landing page to test the market response?

It would be extremely helpful if you could provide a demo or mockup or sample of one of the interviews you have already completed. Is it going to be a short video or blog post or something else?

I just released my project, jkl.io, last night. Would be interested in being interviewed. Email in profile.

Love this. Good luck on what you're doing.

Won't submit because, um, uh, the world isn't ready for me yet :)

Sounds neat, I've submitted my project too. I'd love to get interviewed about it hehe.

Cool! I'll submit mine when it's ready. Right now, I'm just starting developing it.

Awesome. What a brilliant way to motivate people to work on side-projects!

I just submitted my project cuz I love this idea!

Is this a "one" guy or a start-up company?

Cool idea - just submitted my app =)

ditto - I submitted too

podcast or text blog interviews?

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