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This isn't abuse, it's what the storage event was specifically made for. Facebook, Google, etc. have been using this event to update common state information between tabs for quite a while.

I am disappointed I did not have an original thought. Nothing is new in this world.

I propose we rename it the "Web Storage And Messaging" API.

Maybe you didn't invent the idea, but your post will likely introduce the concept to many folks. I believe this is equally valuable. Thanks.

TIL that you can do this. Awesome.

Education equally as valuable as innovation? Why are you comparing the two at all? Apples and oranges.

I don't believe there was an explicit comparison being made. You are reading too much into it.

Yup. We use it in our Backbone.js app to allow users to open links in new tabs and for changes in those tabs to propagate back too.

For me it is awesome to use PushState and LocalStorage in a client side app and all the while the user thinks they are using a "traditional" server side app.

Don't be disappointed! This is slick, and easy to understand. I don't really want to digest the javascript Facebook is using to learn a new tool/concept.

Thank you. I was impressed with how few lines of code were needed to use the API, always a sign of a well-designed system.

Also you probably broke the law



(ok they're for cookies but you get the idea)

I learned something new today because of your post. Thanks

No worries. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. :)

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