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$20 a month for basic ssl. I have 2 criticisims of cloudflare and im a paying customer, which arent even close to making me look for alternatives. 1. They have had a few outages (but everybody does, amazon included). 2. Ive made their page rules engine do what i need but i felt their docs were not deep / technical enough about how their engine works. I had to play a bit to get exactly what i wanted. I have largely been happy though. Im not affiliated with them in any other way.

Also, though cloudflare allows it specifically for this purpose, cnaming a naked domain isnt technically in spec for dns. Every device / browser ive tried deals with it just fine though. If you are a stickler for rules go with a www. subdomain.

I've had problems with email delivery on a domain with a CNAME'd root. I'd avoid it if you can.

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