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12,000 year old pre-agricultural temple findings - Gobekli Tepe (forteantimes.com)
30 points by jackchristopher on Mar 26, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Wikipedia article on the temple:


Is anyone else troubled by the submitted article coming from Fortean Times? That's not usually considered a reliable source, as it doesn't fact-check the way many other publications would.


I was troubled, but read the article. It was a little breathless, but seemed okay.

Though I didn't like clicking through a link on HN and seeing, essentially, "Garden of Eden located!" I was suspicious enough that I googled Gobekli Tepe and found this Smithsonian article:


So at least I knew the subject was valid before reading further on the submitted link. Definitely seems like a weird source though.

I read all the links from Wikipedia entry and searched for more articles before submitting, but I liked this one.

But all articles I found beside the Wikipedia one, had something I didn't like; they were boring, less information, or had needless speculation. But the submitted one despite the speculation had extra detail.

I never heard of Fortean Time. I didn't know of their reputation.

These time scales do cause one to consider: what is the lifetime of SGML, HTML, XML, RDF, ... How have those Gutenberg typefaces held up? I was in a British church last year, and the floors were made of carved granite, which were completely illegible.... People walking on the floors for centuries caused gradual wear.

Chiseled granite!! What names or words were written? I don't know, but 12,000 years is a long time to propagate a certain signal... This causes one to consider...

This is a must-read.

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