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I can't recommend CAN highly enough. I've written code to their music since 2006 (with pauses when I couldn't stand it anymore). Their music ranges from kinda rock to kinda ambient but they usually have a solid beat which helps me concentrate and somehow makes me type faster since I try to align to it subconciously I guess. They also have minimal vocals, and if there're vocals, there're hard to understand since it is a gibberish of english, japanese, german, and made-up words. I recently created a light playlist of CAN tracks that work well for getting into the music: http://open.spotify.com/user/1218377486/playlist/5I4ZecZgYo9...

Apart from that, these two albums are also good for getting into it:

CAN - Tago Mago

CAN - Future Days

(Also, their music is from 1968 - 1973 but sounds very contemporary) Edit: Lines

They're an amazing group. Krautrock is a great genre and those albums are among the best. I love Kraftwerk as well.

Thanks for the link. I actually have that playing as well as the cafe background noise.

Kind of feels like I'm listening to music in a cafe! Working pretty well so far :)

Great idea to have the cafe noise in the background, too.

Thanks for introducing me to this!

In a similar style Fujiya & Miyagi is great.

Thanks for reminding me. I really liked "Lightbulbs" but haven't listened to it in quite some time.

These guys are great!

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