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What about pre-processors (SASS, Less) or templating engines (ERB, Haml, Slim)? That would seem to be a huge task to "un-pre-process" an asset. Going backwards is immensely difficult. These are not easily reversible processes.

Instead, why not make something like IntelliJ/RubyMine/WebStorm/etc.'s Live Edit plugin a native part of the browser. Allow the asset pipeline to tell the browser it has changes available, rather than try to have it regurgitate all the processed assets. That would be relatively easy to add and very straightforward to implement.

Your Live Edit idea is a good one, but I think the assumption about "un-pre-processing" would be part of the pre-processing development tools understanding what was being pushed to them, therefore, the need for an open standard as has been alluded to above.

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