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Take any single enjoyable thing and do it 5 times a week, every week. You'd have a law of diminishing returns situation. You'd get to a point where you no longer derive enjoyment from it and you may start to resent it.

Not to be glib, but does that apply to working from home?

Why would it apply to working from home?

Ones options are: -Wake up, fire up computer, start working, do whatever throughout the day, when day ends you are at home, no need for commute. OR -Wake up, get dressed, take shower, drive to train station, take train, get to work, work from desk all day, take train home, drive home, wonder what you will do for dinner since you got home so late.

Which one do you think one might derive more enjoyment from and which do you think one might be more likely to resent?

Maybe, but remote work is not the same as working from home.

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