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First, pick a CM package.

This depends entirely upon your level of masochism and the kind of language youlike scripting in, as literally anything will do. Even shell scripts. Even Makefiles. Whatever you're most comfortable with, just start writing out configs. (you will eventually come to hate your job if you allow non-programmers to script/program in your CM, but blah blah keep shipping blah blah) Break it all out intoa wide hirearchy so you can reuse some bits in other bits.

Hey look, I wrote a crappy one! https://github.com/psypete/public-bin/tree/public-bin/src/si...

Next we implement the OP's comments.

Hey look, I already implemented it in my crappy CM tool! https://github.com/psypete/public-bin/tree/public-bin/src/si...

First push your CM tool and configs to the host:

  scp -r simplecfm-0.2 remote-host:
Then run the main config file which calls the others:

  ssh remote-host "cd simplecfm-0.2/ ; perl simplecfm examples/first-five-minutes/main.scfm"
Aaaaand you're done. Of course I haven't tested these configs and something will probably break (most likely my crappy code) but you'll get the idea from looking at the examples.

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