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Too late to complain about lack of circle pit and wall of death. However, I will point out that it kind of seems like it assumes a uniformity of violence, whereas empirically speaking you always have at least one person who is just seriously dangerous either due to intoxication or mental issues combined with large stature/strength. This person both repels others with a stronger force as well as draws in/invites the odd skirmish. Also missing is the fact that in certain scenarios, the non-moshers will aggressively shove the moshers back into the pit, versus here where it seems like they simply tolerate them to whatever extent packing will allow.

Yes, the most interesting thing about moshpit behavior is how it expands and contracts. There's not a constant level of activity either, things will often calm down during a verse to reignite during the chorus.

My thinking exactly. Cool science project, but doesn't resemble a real life pit at all. The circle pit and people pushing along the perimeter are required.

haha. Maybe I got caught up watching this a little longer than you guys, but at times the pattern does begin emulating a circle pit. Both directions.

It's sort of hard to determine a "push" from the perspective of spheres, but IIRC I saw some of that behavior as well. I mean pushing insofar as red pieces would occasionally move erratically away from the walls.

I do agree about the lone mad rager acting as an unstable epicenter, though. That's key behavior, and something I did not notice in this simulation.

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