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Not that realistic for low numbers of particles. Those guys would get their asses kicked for being jerks running around and crashing into people like that!

They definitely wouldn't be wandering around semi-randomly like they do with a low density of particles.

Depending on the genre, they'd probably end up towards the front pushing a few black circles into the stage.

Depends if the band is trying to get a circle pit going it seems to be semi realistic. But in general yes I think people are generally either trying to get closer or fighting off others who are trying to get closer.

Funny, that's exactly what I do in a mosh pit.

You see, the mosh pit is like formation of planets, the heavier and more hardcore elements will gravitate near to the melted center and the light and meek will quickly shy away from it.

At the least in the moshpits I see in small gigs here in Brazil, the ones at the edge of the pit will generally be walling the melted elements because staying at the edge pushing the weirdos back to the pit is just as fun as being there ;p

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