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I hope some of you find 'em useful ;)

Please direct all thanks for this over to http://github.com/jwalton. He's been toiling away on these for a couple of months now, originally as a bit of a skunkworks. Managing to get them merged in cleanly to an oft-changing code generation codebase was no small feat.

Edit: If you're having any trouble getting these to work, `npm cache clean` and reinstall. I screwed up the initial publish.

Can't edit anymore, so I'll just reply to myself.

Important Update: Just pushed out a 1.6.1 release which patches some bugs that snuck in this morning. Give it a spin.

It also makes it possible to generate source maps in the browser itself -- so if you're doing anything fancy with eval-ing CoffeeScript on the client side, you're in luck...

... now, time to hit the road.

Thank you very much for this! Coffeescript has certainly come a long way since I started using it on version 0.9.4, 2 years ago. Congratulations!

Absolutely fantastic! Though it is fairly easy to manually map the javascript source line to coffeescript code, I am hoping this feature can somehow be embedded into editors to make it much easier to write large coffeescript modules (live coding).

Can source maps handle source files in a different location than the compiled JS file? In my few minutes after installing, I didn't immediately see a way to do this.

Wow, that's great. And merely a week since 1.5!

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