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I'm not an American, so I don't know what a 1300 score says about a person.

Here's a current chart showing how many students in the most recently reported high school class (students who graduated from high school in 2008) scored at different levels as a sum of scores from the critical reading section (200 to 800 standard score points possible, scores rounded to the nearest ten) and from the math section (same scoring) when they took the SAT for their best individual total score for one sitting.


Although you are not an American, you have a good understanding of what else college admission committees look for besides high test scores alone. Your other comments mention several issues that admission committees claim to look at when deciding on applications.

Stanford's most recently reported interquartile ranges for SAT section scores of enrolled first-year students are here:


Please note that a few years ago, when the student mentioned in the newspaper article was admitted, the ranges would have been a bit lower.

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